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In this special bonus edition of the Disruptor Studio, producer and host Alex Gonzalez talks about the X-factor within all the Disruptor Studio guests. He shares six attributes that are common across all the guests of the show and how it helps these leaders inspire innovation, transformation and greatness.

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Stephanie Stuckey is the third generation leader of Stuckey’s Corporation but she finds herself acting like a startup CEO as she revitalizes the brand and reinvents the company. Her grandfather founded Stuckey’s in 1937 out of need and ended up innovating the roadside stop and became a pioneer around “customer experience.” Despite the incredible success, Stuckey’s ended up leaving family ownership and growth stalled.

Stephanie made a decision not that long ago to buy the company and bring it back into the family. What is even more amazing is that she made a big leap leaving a successful career in public service to become an entrepreneur. As you see her orchestrate a new strategy for the company you can feel the X factor that makes her a disruptor. She is bringing authenticity back to the brand and has an amazing visionary drive on where she wants to take the company. She is also having fun reliving her young Gen X years on her road trips that connects her with new fans everywhere.

Stephanie joins Alex Gonzalez in the Disruptor Studio as they talk about the Stuckeys’ journey, her personal journey and how she is reinventing the company. They also talk about how she deals with adversity as a perceived “outsider” to the industry and how she stays true to herself and to the brand on this journey.

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Ford Fry a a celebrated and award winning chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur. His restaurants including Superica, JCT Kitchen, the Optimist and many more delight his customers due to the perfect blend of creative design and amazing food.

Ford Fry joined host Alex Gonzalez live on-stage for a filming of the Disruptor Studio late in 2018. In this session they talk about what inspired Ford to be a chef, his ability to balance creative thinking with business realities, his source of inspiration and so much more.

This is one of the original Disruptor Studio’s and you can also watch the video at our YouTube channel here:

Some of the biggest movies in the world were filmed under the watch of Frank Patterson at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Frank now looks to continue to redefine how creatives can create under the recently rebranded Trilith Studios.

Frank has an amazing career helping unlock the creative potential of others. From filmmaker to tech leader to film school Dean to studio leader, Frank has an amazing career as storyteller and executive.

During this Disruptor Studio, Frank talks to Alex Gonzalez about waking up in a dumpster in college and how that moment helped him find his passion and his path. They also talk about unlocking creative potential, leading in times of adversity, the rapidly changing business model in the movie and streaming business and much more. They also chat about how storytelling is essential for humans and how John Favreau balances storytelling and tech when making movies and shows such as the Mandalorian.

While you may not see her on TV or on the field of play, make no mistake that Catie Griggs is an essential part of the success of Atlanta United FC.

Catie leads business operations at Atlanta United which is pretty much anything not related to the soccer ball. From marketing, fan experience, game day operations, the esports team, ticket sales and more she has been a key part of the growth of this organization. Atlanta United FC is a relatively new team in Major League Soccer that has grown from a “start-up” to a global sports brand. In a few short years it has won several trophies including the league championship while also setting records for attendance and merchandise sales.

Catie talks to Disruptor Studio host Alex Gonzalez Live at DIG SOUTH about her journey to Atlanta United and how a non-soccer playing business leader like here was able to rise into such and influential role in sports. They talk about the impact of COVID on the sports industry and how she leads during time of adversity. They also talk about challenging norms, building compelling experiences for your customers (or fans!) and show she sometimes is a bridge across generations.

This Disruptor Studio was recorded live during the DIG SOUTH Tech Summit which was virtual this year.


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