Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey has infectious energy that gets people to believe in his purpose and follow him on his journey. That is no surprise as Jay does his work to take on systemic challenges and help people understand and reach their full potential.

Alex Gonzalez talks to Jay about his mission and his personal and professional journey. As the first President and CEO of the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jay is on a mission to create access and success for African-American entrepreneurs that face significant systemic obstacles . They discuss how this mission is also a path to help bridge the significant wealth and income gap that exists.

Jay is a natural entrepreneur himself and he discusses his discovery of the power of owning a business when he was a kid and the path he pursued as an adult. Jay also shares how he went from living in a country club to being homeless and how this shapes him to this day. They discuss the power of perspective, humility and potential. Alex also asks Jay about how he coaches and inspires others to pursue their dreams and what keeps Jay himself inspired.

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